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How to Beat the Freelancer’s Dreaded Nemesis: Unbillable Time

by Laura Spencer
on November 21, 2014

in Freelancing Life

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“Time is money.”

You’ve probably heard that saying before, but when you’re a freelancer those words take on a whole new meaning. If you’re freelancing and you’re not working on a billable project, you’re not making money.

As I point out in an earlier post, you don’t really have eight billable hours each day. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be trying to fill your freelancing day with as much billable work as you can realistically manage.

The truth is when you’re a freelancer, anything that keeps you from doing billable work is taking money out of your wallet.

In this post, I’ll identify seven culprits (including the administrative tasks I discussed in the earlier post) behind unbillable time. I’ll also explain how to minimize the amount of time you spend on those unbillable tasks so that you can earn more money.

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