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22+ Five-Minute Business Boosters

by Laura Spencer
on October 30, 2013

in Productivity

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Five minutes. It’s not much time.

As we struggle to run our freelancing businesses and balance our work and life priorities, it’s easy to think that five minutes isn’t enough time to accomplish anything.

And all too often, our life is made up of five-minute chunks … five minutes until the doctor can see you, five minutes until your next call, five minutes until the family gets home …

Because we think of those five-minute chunks as wasted time, we tend to sit there are do nothing. But five minutes is plenty of time to accomplish some tasks. It’s certainly enough time to do small things to boost your business and personal life.

In this post, I’ll share my tips for what you can accomplish when you only have five minutes available. With this list, you’ll never need to waste five minutes again.

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Why Being Kind Builds Freelancing Trust

by Laura Spencer
on October 25, 2013

in Freelancing Life

Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer – Free Test Drive

The quote “practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” is usually attributed to writer Anne Herbert.

Being kind is a beautiful sentiment. And when you realize that your freelancing business principle is built on trust, being kind is also a good business practice.

The stereotype of the hard-nosed businessman (or woman) may be just that. Think about who you like to do business with. Is it someone who is uncaring and cold or someone caring who you can relate to?

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