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Why That Would-Be Client Won’t Commit to Working with You

by Laura Spencer
on April 7, 2014

in Freelancing Life Marketing

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Eventually, it seems like nearly every freelancer I know has a promising client deal that they just can’t seem to close.

Over the years, many freelancers have asked me how to get a prospect that seems promising to commit to doing business with them. “I just know they’re about to decide,” the freelancer says.

If you’ve got a potential client sitting on the fence, you’re not alone. A prospective client who won’t commit can be a source of frustration for a freelancer, especially if you happen to be experiencing a period of freelancing famine.

It’s easy to fall in love with a potential client and get attached to the idea of doing the work. However, unfortunately we don’t always get a chance to do every project we fall in love with.

In this post, I’ll discuss why some potential clients won’t commit to working with you.

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